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2.1 DISK n1

CONTENTS: dip elm mailx metamail ppp wget

dip: DIP - dialup IP connection handler 3.3.7o

Uri Blumenthal's version of Fred N. van Kempen's DIP utility. DIP handles the connections needed for dialup IP links, like SLIP or CSLIP. It can handle both incoming and outgoing connections, using password security for incoming connections.

elm: Menu-driven user mail program. (v. 2.4pl25)

Elm is an interactive screen-oriented mailer program originally written by Dave Taylor, and continued by the Elm Development Group.

mailx: BSD mailx 8.1.1.

Mail is a intelligent mail processing system, which has a command syntax reminiscent of ed with lines replaced by messages. It's small; it's the standard; it's a good thing to install if you're going to use mail.

metamail: metamail-2.7

Metamail is an implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, a proposed standard for multimedia mail on the Internet. Metamail implements MIME, and also implements extensibility and configuration via the "mailcap" mechanism described in an informational RFC that is a companion to the MIME document.

ppp: PPP for Linux, versions 2.2.0f and 2.3.7

PPP for Linux -- Michael Callahan's ppp.c kernel driver and the pppd daemon (ported by Al Longyear). Linux PPP support is included as a loadable module in the modules.tgz package. This package also contains pppsetup, an easy-to-use, user-friendly utility for setting up your PPP daemon.

wget: wget-1.5.3

GNU Wget is a free network utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web using HTTP and FTP, the two most widely used Internet protocols. It works non-interactively, thus enabling work in the background after having logged off. The author of Wget is Hrvoje Niksic>.

2.2 DISK n2

CONTENTS: netmods

netmods: Network support modules for linux-2.2.6.

These modules can be loaded into the kernel to support many network cards and protocols.

2.3 DISK n3

CONTENTS: tcpip1

tcpip1: TCP/IP networking programs and support files.

This a basic set of TCP/IP utilities for Linux. Some of these were written from scratch and some were ported from various sources including BSD. The code was written and ported by Florian La Roche, Alan Cox, Fred N. van Kempen, Donald J. Becker, Rick Sladkey, Mark Shand, Orest Zborowski, Johannes Stille, Linus Torvalds, David A. Holland, Olaf Kirch, and others.

2.4 DISK p1

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