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3.1 DISK p1

CONTENTS: ash diff groff joe manpages mc sudo texinfo

ash: Kenneth Almquist's ash shell.

A lightweight (62K) Bourne compatible shell. Great for machines with low memory, but does not provide all the extras of shells like bash, tcsh, and zsh. Runs most shell scripts compatible with the Bourne shell. Note that under Linux, most scripts seem to use at least some bash-specific syntax. The Slackware setup scripts are a notable exception, since ash is the shell used on the install disks. NetBSD uses ash as its /bin/sh.

diff: GNU diffutils-2.7

The GNU diff utilities - finds differences between files. (to make source code patches, for instance)

groff: GNU troff 1.11 document formatting system.

The groff package provides versions of troff, nroff, eqn, tbl, and other Unix text-formatting utilities. Groff is used to 'compile' man pages stored in groff/nroff format into a form which can be printed or displayed on the screen. These man pages are stored in compressed form in the /usr/man/man? directories.

joe: Joe text editor v2.8

Joseph H. Allen's easy to use text editor, similar to WordStar[tm].

manpages: Man-pages 1.23

Man pages are online documentation for Linux. This package includes many section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 man pages for Linux. The man-pages distribution is maintained by Andries E. Brouwer with the help of more writers, editors, and other contributors than we can name here. (See the list in /usr/man/man-pages-1.23.Announce)

mc: Midnight Commander version 4.1.35

The Midnight Commander is a Norton Commander clone, a program that manipulates and manages files and directories. Useful, fast, and has color displays on the Linux console. Mouse support is provided through the gpm mouse server. mc was written by Miguel de Icaza and Mauricio Plaza.

sudo: sudo-1.5.4

'sudo' is a command that allows users to execute some commands as root. The /etc/sudoers file (edited with 'visudo') specifies which users have access to sudo and which commands they can run. 'sudo' logs all its activities to /var/log/ so the system administrator can keep an eye on things.

texinfo: GNU texinfo-3.12

'Texinfo' is a documentation system that uses a single source file to produce both on-line information and printed output. Using Texinfo, you can create a printed document with the normal features of a book, including chapters, sections, cross references, and indices. From the same Texinfo source file, you can create a menu-driven, on-line Info file with nodes, menus, cross references, and indices. This package is needed to read the documentation files in /usr/info.

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