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5.1 DISK tcl1

CONTENTS: tcl tk

tcl: The Tcl script language, version 8.0.5.

Tcl, developed by Dr. John Ousterhout, is a simple to use text-based script language with many built-in features which make it especially nice for writing interactive scripts.

tk: The Tk toolkit for Tcl, version 8.0.5.

Tk is an extension to Tcl that allows you to quickly and easily build X11 applications that have the look and feel of Motif apps.

5.2 DISK xb1

CONTENTS: fvwm2 fvwmicns xaw3d xbin xcfg xdoc xfnts xfscl xfsrv xlib xman xpm xprog xps xset

fvwm2: fvwm2_2.0.46-BETA

Fvwm is a window manager for X11. It is a derivative of twm, redesigned to minimize memory consumption, provide a 3-D look to window frames, and provide a simple virtual desktop.

fvwmicns: xpm3icons.

Color icons from xpm3icons.tar.Z, found in the /pub/X11/contrib directory of These icons work great with fvwm. These icons go in the /usr/X11R6/include/X11/pixmaps directory. For more information on how to use these icons, see fvwm's manpage.

xaw3d: Xaw3d-1.4

This is Release 1.4 (21 April, 1998) of a set of 3-D widgets by Kaleb S. Keithley based on the R6.3 Athena Widget set. The Three-D Athena may be used as a replacement for the Athena (Xaw) Widget set -- you may relink almost any Athena Widget based application and obtain a three dimensional appearance on some of the widgets. You can also replace your shared libXaw with libXaw3d and obtain the three dimensional appearance without even relinking.

xbin: Basic client binaries required for XFree86

Installs the basic set of programs needed to run X in your /usr/X11R6/bin directory.

xcfg: Configuration files for XFree86

Configuration files needed by X and xdm.

xdoc: Documentation and release notes for XFree86

xfnts: Fonts for the X window system.

This is the minimal set of fonts needed to run XFree86 These fonts are compressed to reduce disk usage.

xfscl: Scaled fonts.

Speedo and Type 1 scalable fonts for XFree86

xfsrv: xfs (X font server)

Xfs is the X Window System font server. It supplies fonts to X Window System display servers.

xlib: Various library files for XFree86

Files needed by X: bitmaps, locale files, and other configuration files found under /var/X11R6/lib.

xman: Man pages for XFree86

xpm: The Xpm shared and static libraries, v. 3.4k (with xpm: These libraries provide a means for X programs to store and retrieve xpm: bitmaps. The shared libraries are needed to run programs compiled xpm: with Xpm, such as fvwm.

xprog: Libraries, include files, and configuration files for X programming. xprog: This is a set of include files (found in /usr/X11R6/include), static xprog: libraries (found in /usr/X11R6/lib/*.a) and configuration files xprog: (found in /var/X11R6/lib/config) needed to compile X programs under xprog: Linux.

xps: XFree86 documentation in PostScript format. xps: PostScript versions of the documentation for XFree86 This is xps: the same in content as the test-based versions, but formatted nicely xps: for printing on a PostScript printer or viewing with ghostview. xps: These documents take up quite a bit of space, so if you don't need xps: PostScript format you may want to skip this package.

xset: Graphical configuration utility for XFree86. xset: A graphical configuration utility. Produces an initial XF86Config xset: file, or tunes the existing one. Runs on the X desktop using TCL xset: (this also requires the vg16 X server) or runs on the Linux console xset: (using the dialog utility).

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