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6.1 DISK xp1

CONTENTS: jpeg6 libgr xpaint xv

jpeg6: Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software version 6b

Software to implement JPEG image compression and decompression. JPEG (pronounced 'jay-peg') is a standardized compression method for full-color and gray-scale images. JPEG is intended for compressing 'real-world' scenes; cartoons and other non-realistic images are not its strong suit. JPEG is lossy, however, on typical images of real-world scenes, very good compression levels can be obtained with no visible change, and amazingly high compression levels are possible if you can tolerate a low-quality image.

libgr: libgr-2.0.13

Shared and static graphics-related ELF libraries and header files. These libraries are included: libfbm, libjpeg, libpbm, libpgm, libpng, libpnm, libppm, librle, libtiff, libz.

xpaint: XPaint 2.4.9.

XPaint is a bitmap/pixmap editing tool. These are some of the features of xpaint: Usual paint operations: Brushes, Spray paint, Pencil, Lines, Arcs, Pattern Fill, Text, Boxes, Circles, Polygons. Works on multiple images simultaneously. Cut/Copy/Paste between all active images. Fatbits/Zoom on the image windows.

xv: John Bradley's XV 3.10a GIF/TIFF/JPEG/PostScript image viewer.

NOTICE: This program is unregistered shareware. Please read the license information included

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